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Geta’s mission is “With the right people, technology and innovation - we create the future of commerce”.

The technical landscape is a core element of successful commerce operations, and putting together technical solutions that convert is one of our strengths in Geta.

We offer solution architects and commerce advisors that will analyze and map out the optimal business architecture and processes for your company.

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The right people with the best technology

In Geta - we work in cross-disciplinary specialist teams of developers, designers, advisors, marketers and testers. We make sure all important aspects are taken into consideration in our projects.

Geta has 100% focus on commerce. This is reflected in our commerce experts, our customer base and our preferred solution partners.

We work with technology platforms that are flexible and allow for customized integration with your company’s unique architecture and business needs.

We can help you with:

Architecture and system analysis

Our solution architects have extensive experience as developers, and a good understanding of the processes in an e-commerce solution. We can assist in mapping out the best business architecture for your company.


With specialists in areas such as inriver, PIM, Optimizely, Sanity, backend, integration and headless, we can assist with all parts of the process.

Administration and operation

We work together with our customers for a long time, and assist in further developing the solutions and further developing their solutions.

Cloud & hosting

Our devops team handles everything from cloud-based solutions, deployments, integration frameworks and hosting.


Our QA team works with everything from manual testing to automated tests and monitoring the solutions. They have deep insight into everything from product data in PIM, to backend logic, frontend and integrations.


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