Inriver PIM - one system to gather all product information

A Product Information Management (PIM) is a software solution that handles information about products, such as texts, images and relationships between products.

Inriver is a market-leading provider of PIM, that helps you succeed with digital commerce.

With inriver PIM, you are well rigged for omnichannel, and it is easier to sell more products, and more complex products in more markets, in more channels.

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We have extensive experience in implementing inriver PIM with our customers.

Because of this we have achieved a status as Platinum Partner and several years as Partner of the Year with inriver.

We can help you uncover the needs of your business, and to quickly implement and get up and running with the solution that suits you best.

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A unique product experience - with one single platform.

Inriver makes it easy to create, manage, enrich, publish or distribute content to all your sales channels in multiple languages.

You don’t have to worry about downtime or time-consuming processes for transferring data, or integrations that don't work as they should.

Instead, focus on content and user experiences that increase conversion. Both for B2B and B2C.




A PIM system is the place where all product information is collected, processed and then published in the various sales channels. A PIM system offers many advantages:

  • Quality, control and time saved - all information is automatically updated everywhere.
  • Good product information is crucial for a good customer experience.
  • Unified customer experience - the same information in all channels.
  • Global markets - require content in multiple languages.
  • Streamlining - simpler editorial work and smoother sharing of information.

Inriver PIM can be implemented quickly, is easy to use and is very visual. A large number of customers around the world already rely on inriver's platform to manage product information for their global brands.

You can read more about inriver PIM here.

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