Is your organization rigged for e-commerce?

A well thought out strategy and the best technology will soon fall short if the organization is not structured and mature for the work that needs to be done.

Do you have the necessary expertise in the company today to succeed with e-commerce? What interdisciplinary key points need to be established? How can the necessary change be implemented at management level? What does the optimal organizational map look like in the future?

Every organization has a different starting point. You probably know what your goal is, but how to get there? There are many considerations. Choice of technical solutions, systems, integrations, resources and organization. What to do when, whether to use internal resources, hired resources or external suppliers. Developers, system owners, e-commerce managers, marketers, designers. The interaction between physical and digital channels.

To establish, operate and develop an e-commerce organization is demanding. It is expensive to hire for all key positions. One needs to find a strategy for what resources one should have inhouse - and what you can get externally.

How we can help

We have long experience in helping businesses in different phases of e-commerce. Whether it is to establish an online store for the first time, change the course of an existing solution, or further develop and improve the solution you have. We map out the current situation in your business and make a plan for how best to organize yourself for optimal operation of the online store.

By teaming our e-commerce experts with your e-commerce team we ensure full coverage. We offer everything from e-commerce managers for hire to interdisciplinary custom made teams with advisors, UX’ers, developers, marketers, designers and analysts.

Geta can offer:

  • Establishing strategies and plans for an optimal digital organization
  • Facilitation and implementation of plans and strategies, and help establish the digital department in your company
  • Change management - advice and assistance in implementation
  • Hire of key personell
  • Onboarding and transferring compentence to new employees and the organization as a whole
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