Performance: Analysis and optimization

A fast and responsive site is essential for a good customer experience and search engine optimization. Have you ever wondered how fast your website loads and how well it performs on different devices? Read more about how it works and what you can do yourself in our guide below.


Geta and it's experts


What we do?

Geta's experts have in-depth knowledge of how to optimize websites to achieve improved Lighthouse Scores. We understand the complex interactions between design, coding and infrastructure that affect your website's performance. By doing a thorough analysis and offering tailored measures, we work to maximize your website's speed, responsiveness and user-friendliness.


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What we do


Sven-Erik is one of our most senior developers and is unique in having both frontend, backend, integrations and performance optimizations as his specialty.

He's the one who's called in when nothing else works!

If you choose to go ahead with your analysis and need our help, you will meet Sven-Erik. With his long experience in the industry, we dare say that he is among the sharpest when it comes to searching logs, identifying errors and fixing problems.


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