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Cloud based e-commerce solution that covers all needs - today and in the future

Geta Commerce Cloud is a headless cloud based e-commerce solution based on modern micro architecture. The solution is based on long experience with e-commerce. It is optimized for both B2C and B2B, and it gives you the best e-commerce solution in the market, omnichannel ready if desired.

Short time to market

Geta Commerce Cloud covers all needs, and enables you to get your online store quickly up and running. Geta Commerce Cloud reduces both the time and the cost for project implementation and management cost, compared to alternative solutions.

Flexible and built for growth

The solution is scalable and rigged to grow in line with your needs, whether those are based on peaks in traffic or growth. The flexibility and the performance enables you to focus on optimizing operations without being hindered by technical challenges.

Standard or optional design

Geta Commerce Cloud is designed to make it easy to recreate your brand’s look and feel without having to spend time on adaptations. It is also possible to implement larger design changes if the basic design doesn’t meet your needs.

Expand to new markets

Geta Commerce Cloud makes it easy to support multiple markets, with the ability to define countries, languages, currencies, VAT, payment and shipping options per market.

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Christian Dommarsnes

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