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Advanced product prioritization in Search & Navigation

The FunctionScoreQuery is a hidden gem of functionality that can be used to create pretty advanced queries based on document scores in Search & Navigation. This blog post explores a way to get fine-grained control over content prioritization.

Sven-Erik Jonsson

Fix your Optimizely Search (Find) indexing exceptions!

Brian Weeteling

Introducing: New tool to easily index your content in Episerver Find

Have you ever wanted to index a content item in Find without having to publish a meaningless change to it? Or index an entire content tree from a specific starting point? Maybe you want to force an item into the index even though it's excluded by conventions? Just install Geta.Epi.IndexContentInFind package and it will be easy to do just that.

Mattias Olsson

Searching multiple Find indexes

Recently I helped out investigating an issue where the search result from Find contained non-published and deleted pages. The site in question had a search page that fetched results from two separate Find indexes.

Mari Jørgensen

Ascend'15 - Episerver Find - Advanced Developer Session

In the start of November I was fortunate enough to attend the EPiServer Ascend conference which was held in Las Vegas.

Mari Jørgensen

Building an advanced search page using EPiServer Find

EPiServer Find provides a powerful and flexible tool for building innovative enterprise search solutions. Here is how I built an advanced search page using EPiServer Find with great help from the EPiServer community.

Mari Jørgensen

EPiServer Find On-Premise Setup

After setting up 5 different On-Premise servers for EPiServer Find I started writing down some notes on how to set it up and some gotchas I had a long the way.

Mattias Olsson