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IndexNow - Sustainable Search Engine Indexing

IndexNow is a way of informing search engines that an URL and the content on the page have either been added, removed, or simply updated, letting the search engine know immediately when you have updated your web pages.

Johan Schage

Fem tips for å lykkes med omnikanal

Claire Sharp Sundt

En E-Commerce Managers Guide til Black Friday

Hvert år, den fjerde fredagen i november, kommer den største handelsdagen i året: Black Friday. Det første tipset er: start tidlig, lag en plan.

Kjetil Ullsgård

Granular data retention controls (Google Analytics)

In this post, I'll be addressing Googles new functionality: [granular] data retention controls. We'll look at what this means for you, in terms of what actions you should take in regards to the change, what data you're collecting and how you're using it and what this has to do with GDPR.

Meisem Ramani

Summary of my blog posts

During my journey at Geta I have created seven different blog posts and one thing they all have in common is that they all focus on strategy. Here is a summary of them all with a direct link into each of the singular blog post.

Adela Svadja


I have been working in the online business for five years and my experience is that it is a process that takes time and a lot of hard work. People sometimes see retail as a much more demanding business than online, but there are similarities.