New version of FontThumbnail

Fredrik Eckmar 2017-06-26 21:00:00

I have now released an update to the package with some smaller changes and support for loading custom fonts that you can use when generating the preview images.

How to use the new feature

First off, find the font that you want to use. For this example I have created a custom font using


Place the font in the default folder [appData]\fonts (can be configured using the following appSetting).

<add key="FontThumbnail.CustomFontPath" value="" />

After that lookup the charactercode of the icons you want to use. If you are using they are available in the downloaded package in the config.json file.

"glyphs": [
      "uid": "39a5a0d7ce8342d149373b2ce219503a",
      "css": "alert",
      "code": 59392,
      "src": "entypo"
      "uid": "ccf71c505b173c61a2e4e8c8cb907dfa",
      "css": "chat-alt",
      "code": 59393,
      "src": "typicons"

You can then use the loaded font and characters as parameters for the attribute. For example you could make an enum for the different characters and a constant for the name of the font which makes them easier to use. 

public static class Fonts
    public const string Fontello = "fontello.ttf";

public enum Fontello
    Alert = 59392,
    ChatAlt = 59393

Add it to the desired content-type like this

GroupName = Global.GroupNames.News,
GUID = "AEECADF2-3E89-4117-ADEB-F8D43565D2F4")]
public class ArticlePage : StandardPage


 And it will result in this based on your selected colors


How to install

Install NuGet package (use EPiServer Nuget)

Install-Package Geta.Epi.FontThumbnail

Should work for Episerver 9.x and 10.x

More information

Head over to the project site for more details and the source code.

Get back if you experience any issues etc.