10 strategies that can help you increase sales after christmas

2015-11-25 02:32:38

Here are my top 10 strategies to get sales up and running after Christmas: 

1. Use giftcards that are valid in January

Take advantage of the big traffic boom you have during Christmas and give customers giftcards that are valid in January as part of their purchase. (E.g. give a giftcard for a certain amount instead of a discount on a product.) This way, customers are both buying gifts for their family and at the same time buying a treat for themselves.

2. Work with marketing promotions until the end of the year

Companies that stop doing marketing promotions after the Christmas holidays and do not continue until the end of the year are taking a risk of loosing traffic and sales. Customers are often still in shopping mood and are looking for good deals to purchase products for giftcards they received as Christmas gifts.

3. Special ”January deals” and campaigns

Do not forget to thank all your customers and offer them something special in return for their Christmas shopping. You could for example offer them free delivery and returns, and also extend the deadline of returns.

4. Contact customers who abonded the shopping carts

Do not forget to put tracking on your shopping cart! This can help you check the number of customers who abonded your shopping cart, and turn them into January profit by sending them “exclusive offers” in order to get their attention back. This is a good way to increase returning traffic to your website and increase your sale.

5. Launch a new product/service

If you are planning to go live with a new product or a new service, then the new year is a perfect time to launch it. Returning customers are often looking and waiting for something new in the new year.

6. Do a competition in social media

Creating a competition in social media is a good strategy in order to increase your visibility and transforming it into a special event. You will increase your Facebook likes and at the same time gain more information about your customers, which you can use to personalize your marketing.

7. Easy return and exchange systems

Easy return and exchange policies will give you long-term customers. Do not miss this strategy and focus a lot on how your return and exchange system works. If the customers won’t find this information in a clear way, you will loose sales. Having a good delivery strategy will help you building up long term trust with your customers.

8. Discount Christmas topsellers in January

Check your data, find your topseller items during Christmas and offer a good deal on these items in January. This can help you increase the conversion rate when the Holiday sales are over. 

9. ”Clean up” your website

When the holidays are over, “clean up” your website and remove all old campaigns and communication that is not longer valid. This will help you increase the traffic and lower your bounce rate.

10. Send wishlist reminders

Do not forget the wishlist! Customers might not have gotten everything they had on their wishlist for Christmas, and now is a good time to buy them for themselfes. Therefore send your customers a reminder about the wishlist in order to increase your conversion rate.

Good luck!