Current and upcoming image modules

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We have been working with plugins for image optimization for some time, as websites, especially with a CMS, include some sort of serverside image processing. Per default Geta Commerce ships with ImageResizer and this package is used to varying degrees in each implementation. Here are some of the plugins we've developed for it.

ImageResizer plugins

  • AutoCrop - Plugin that automatically crops images to optimize thumbnails.
  • MozJpeg - Jpeg encoder that saves roughly 30% on image size, comparable with the new WebP format.
  • PngOptimizer - Png quantizer that reduces the amount of colors in png-files.

We're also working on implementing plugins for ImageSharp, an image library with .NET 5 support.

ImageSharp plugins

  • Avif/Heic - New format (fall 2020) saves roughly 65% on image size (compared to Jpeg).
  • AutoCrop - Ported implementation of the ImageResizer-plugin.

The future of serverside image processing

We have been discussing how to harness the power of machine learning and what we possibly could do in the future, given such tools. Others are already far under way breaking new ground with neural networks doing things from increasing image resolution to generating images for rental apartment ads.

A lot of great ideas (and some a bit crazy) are already under development.

Experimentation with compression artifact removal using neural networks.

Experimentation with generating never seen before shoes using a GAN.

If you work with Optimizely DXP and you have 10 minutes to spare, please participate in our survey (below). Your participation will be much appreciated and will help us figure out which ideas are important to you.

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