Overview of some of the less-known Optimizely Add-Ons

Valdis Iljuconoks
Valdis Iljuconoks 06.03.2023 10.15.36

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I had a chance to talk more about Optimizely Add-Ons at last Optimizely Happy Hour.

If you want to go through the list at a slower speed, this blog post is covering topics and packages touched on in the session.

I ran through all the packages on the feed and selected some of less-known (either one I haven't seen/heard myself or with low download count). Read a bit about the package, added value and purpose of the package. I chose to filter only packages targeting .NET5 and above.

I could not select every single package and review it here, but I picked interesting ones and grouped them 4 categories:

  • General / Framework
    • Source Analyzers
    • Settings
    • Extension Methods
    • Health Check
    • Warm-up
    • Session
    • Azure Explorer
    • Event Transports
  • CMS 12
    • TimeSpan
    • Extended External Links
    • PDF Preview
    • Grouping Headers
    • Better Content Areas
    • Enhanced Property List
    • Generic LinkItem Collection
    • Custom Quick Navigation
    • Content Type Usage
    • Unpublish
    • Content Security Policy (CSP)
    • Access Rights Audit Log
  • Commerce 14
    • Currency Exchange Rates
    • Geolocation Tools
    • Product Feed
  • "Dangerous" (Powerful) Packages
    • SQL Studio
    • Developer Tools
    • Developer Console

You can read my full blog post here.

Here you can read more about our Open Source work.


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