EPiServer Instant Templates

D e v e l o p m e n t , O p t i m i z e l y ( E p i s e r v e r )
Frederik Vig 01.10.2015 08.54.00

It’s up on EPiServer NuGet feed as a beta package. In order to install it you have to include prerelease packages.

Install-Package EPiServer.InstantTemplates -Prerelease

Feel free to take a look at the source code. We’re storing the Templates as normal ContentData in a custom ContentRepository, which is also displayed in the assets pane as a component there.

The New From Template command displays these templates to the editor (only showing the allowed templates for that editor). When a template is chosen we copy that template’s ContentData to the selected location and create a new page there.

There are quite a few different scenarios where this would be useful. You can easily lock down certain parts of a template, access control it and use shared blocks to provide a great starting point for new content.

Source code and sample project: https://github.com/Geta/InstantTemplates.