Developer- Riga

For a minute, imagine you're working with us... you're part of a company that cares about you (yes, really!):

  • You are able to thrive in an environment that supports learning - with a 3k EUR yearly budget and 5 days off for courses, conferences, seminars and certifications;
  • You have freedom over the tech equipment you want to use - you get a budget for choosing a laptop & phone of your preference;
  • You are able to build a healthy work/life balance - with flexible working times, independence and the ability to manage your own work day and enjoy 5 weeks of vacation, and participate in yearly salary reviews;
  • You are able to work comfortably in a closed-space office, go for weekly massages, have breakfast and some fruits in the office and use health insurance if needed;
  • You're a part of a great team that plays volleyball every Thursday, flies out on yearly company trips (when we're allowed to travel again ofc), gets together on annual summer and winter events, as well as are video and board game enthusiasts!

You're proud of where you work:

You're part of a Norwegian full-service digital commerce agency with a strong focus on technical development, strategy, design, and marketing. You have co-workers in six countries, including Latvia.

Our core values learn, share, perform – are the cogs that keep the machinery running. We strive to live by them in our everyday work to become an expert in your field, be a team player and a reliable professional. You're part of an environment that believes happier employees = better performance.

Think you'd fit right in?

Our ideal employee:

  • Is a team player that genuinely cares about others
  • Can identify with our values: Learn. Share. Perform.
  • Has at least 5 years of experience with Microsoft .NET (C#), and some front­-end framework like React Vue.js or Angular
  • Experience working with CMS platforms (Optimizely, Sanity)
  • Fluent in implementing e-Commerce systems and integrations
  • Confidence in cloud technologies (AWS or Microsoft Azure)
  • Have seen or heard about PIM, DAM or related acronyms
  • Participates in open source projects (maybe has his/her own pet project)
  • Is involved in StackOverflow or similar platfroms
  • Writes blog posts, speaks at conferences or shares knowledge in other ways

*But we know ideal candidates don't exist (just like ideal companies), so if you're confident in at least a few of these fields and have a good command of English, send us your resume and we'd love to talk to you.

You can apply here!

Do you have any questions regarding the position? 
Contact Agnese by e-mail: [email protected]