New EMVP in Geta

2016-08-29 01:49:19

Our developer Māris Krivtežs is a strong contributor within the Episerver community, and he is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge and contributing to the Episerver community, something we at Geta are very proud of. This has resulted in achieving this honorable EMVP title.

"I am very happy and proud to have received this EMVP award. I am looking forward to continuing to contribute and share my knowledge to the development community in Episerver, says Māris Krivtežs.

Worldwide the total number of EMVPs are 35. That means Geta has the most EMVPs of any company in the world with a total of 7!

In addition to Maris, our CTO Frederik Vig holds this title as well as our COO Alexander Haneng, our team leaders Valdis Iljuconoks and Mari Jørgensen, as well as our developers Mattias Olsson and Patrick van Kleef.

We congratulate Maris with his new title!