GoogleProductFeed for Optimizely: Reloaded

Valdis Iljuconoks
Valdis Iljuconoks 2022-05-02 10:41:11


The previous version of GoogleProductFeed package for EPiServer / Optimizely had some inherited problems. In case you need a few product feed format "exports" of your catalog data - loading multiple times the same catalog content was one of the major issues. There are sites that have thousands of products and variations and loading them takes quite a bit of time.

Mainly performance and time it took to generate feed was the main problem with the previous version of the package. There were also cases when data needs to be "enriched" before it's exposed to the public - like loading prices or checking the availability of the SKU. Sometimes enrichment can also take a long time. Doing this for each feed is a waste of resources if we put it mildly.

Geta ProductFeed for Optimizely

So taking all known issues into account decision was to reload the package and refactor some of its internals to support a very similar concept for processing pipelines in factories.

With this approach, it's now supported single load of the catalog content, single (or multiple) enrichment steps for loaded data, and one or many product feed endpoint exporters.

We have created a bunch of new packages - Geta.Optimizely.ProductFeed and friends.

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