Geta.SEO.Sitemaps updated

Mattias Olsson 2015-09-11 03:25:00

You can install Geta.SEO.Sitemaps easily with NuGet. The latest version is found on EPiServer NuGet feed:

Install-Package Geta.SEO.Sitemaps



  1. Added support for generating language specific sitemaps. Instead of having all the URLs in one single, large XML-file you can split them up in several language specific XML-files.

  2. Language fallback support. This is useful if you have language fallback settings on your site and want a complete, language specific sitemap for one of your languages.

  3. Added alternate language pages support. Alternate language pages is basically meta data in the sitemap XML to tell Google what URL to use for different languages of the same page in their search results. Read more about alternate language pages here.

  4. Added "Commerce" and "Standard and commerce" as new formats. Both formats have dependencies to our new package called Geta.SEO.Sitemaps.Commerce. See more info about this package below.

  5. Sitemap index support. By browsing to http://your-sitemap-host/sitemapindex.xml you will get an index of all your configured sitemaps.

  6. Oh, I know. The user interface of the sitemap admin tool will not win any awards. In a later update we might improve this. :)

New package for EPiServer Commerce

Together with this package we have also released a new package for Commerce sites, Geta.SEO.Sitemaps.Commerce. This package will allow you to generate sitemaps for your commerce catalog in a standalone XML-file, or if you prefer it, in a combined XML-file with both CMS and Commerce content. The latest version is found on EPiServer NuGet feed:

Install-Package Geta.SEO.Sitemaps.Commerce