Geta Categories for Optimizely 12

Brian Weeteling 2022-05-30 07:50:15


Together with the upgrade to .NET 5, we have renamed the package from Geta.EPiCategories to Geta.Optimizely.Categories.


The package contains similar functionality and some minor bugs have been fixed during the upgrade process. The key features are:


  • Localization (no more language XML files)
  • More user friendly edit UI
  • Access rights support (some editors should perhaps have limited category access)
  • Shared and site specific categories in multisite solutions
  • Partial routing of category URL segments
  • Search provider support: Geta.Optimizely.Categories.Find

How to get started?

Install NuGet package from Episerver NuGet Feed:

dotnet add package Geta.Optimizely.Categories

Register the module in Startup.cs using the following service extension


Then, call the following in the Configure method:


The package contains similar functionality as the previous version. It contains one breaking change: The partial router for ICategoryRoutableContent only supports IList<CategoryData>

Happy categorizing!

For more information check the Github page.