Bugfixes in 404 handler

Maris Krivtezs 2018-04-13 10:30:02

The main issues fixed are:

  • NotFoundPageUtil.GetUrlNotFound throwing index out of bounds exception.
  • Fixed redirect loops #93
  • Fixed suggestion list fail when no suggestions #92
  • Fixed exception when referrer parameter is null #84
  • Fixed thread abort exception in log #89
  • Added uploaded file type checks.

For more information see CHANGELOG.

Thanks to all contributors - @apeneve@kjetilmk and library users who reported issues.


You can install the new package from the Package Manager Console using Episerver NuGet Feed.

For CMS 10:

Install-Package BVN.404Handler -Version 10.3.7

For CMS 11:

Install-Package BVN.404Handler -Version 11.1.5

Documentation and source code

Source code and documentation available on GitHub.
You can report issues on GitHub.