BVN.404Handler Package Has Been Renamed

Valdis Iljuconoks
Valdis Iljuconoks 2020-01-04 21:03:00

We here at Geta were really happy to take over BVN.404Handler package from BVN Networks few years ago. We are dedicated to keep up and continue to maintain it.

However there are few changes that we think is important to implement before continuing.


New Package Name

In order to reflect owner transfer - we decided to renamed package to Geta.404Handler. It's been released and v1.0 could be found on Episerver Nuget Feed.


Upgrade from BVN.404Handler

Last known version of BVN.404Handler package will be 11.4 which is so call "meta package".

What does it mean?

It's an empty package with reference to Geta.404Handler package. This will make sure that existing users of the BVN.404Handler package are able to transition to new package with simple Nuget update.


Future of the Package

First version of the Geta.404Handler package has no breaking changes. Only name (id) of the package has been changed.

However, we do have few breaking changes in the backlog for v2.0. Majority of changes will be related to rename rest of the codebase to reflect new maintainer of the package. This includes namespaces, class names, configuration files and rest of the assets.

After these changes will be done, we have some interesting and greast ideas to continue development and improvement of the package in the future.

You can also keep an eye on CHANGELOG file in GitHub repository for changes made in each version of the package.


Reach Us Out!

If you have any suggestion or comment, please file and issue on package's GitHub repo.